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About Digital Art / Artist William Peschke29/Male/Australia Groups :iconprehistoricpreserve: PrehistoricPreserve
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Prehistoric Preserve: Spinosaurus Side View by TheDragonofDoom

I Found Rushelle Kucala aka TheDragonofDoom on Deviant Art by mistake while learning more about dinosaur anatomy, This Great mistake le...

Prehistoric Preserve: Spinosaurus Top View by TheDragonofDoom

I Found Rushelle Kucala aka TheDragonofDoom on Deviant Art by mistake while learning more about dinosaur anatomy, This Great mistake le...


William Peschke
Artist | Digital Art
In 2010 William started doing Digital Art for Tattoo designs and escalated from there to 3d models using blender. Since 2011 he moved to other applications like Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, Quixel Suite, Topogun, 3d Coat, Silo 2, Bitmap2Material, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator and Unreal Engine.

William is that dedicated to his work, he made it part of his career. He completed a Cert 4, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and is currently doing a 2 year Bachelors Degree of Games to improve his skills even further while learning from other AAA companies. He started doing 3d printing for game props which includes characters, environments, to creative designs and plans to start his very own 3d Dinosaur modelling figure pipeline through 3d printing.

William Started the Prehistoric Preserve Project in 2013 and has worked with other Indie Teams over the years with 3 years of extensive game development experience.

William Peschke: I love coming up with new ideas and designs which is triggered from my creativity, I also make random concept art or go out and take photos in my local area for references to trigger even more ideas.

Do Not take or use my Images without permission, Please Ask First


Prehistoric Preserve High Security Fence by Tea-rexx
Prehistoric Preserve High Security Fence
Finished Finalized Textures with Decay over time Textures Finalized Might change the Moss Texture 
Improved Spino Commission 03 by Tea-rexx
Improved Spino Commission 03
I Commissioned :iconthedragonofdoom: to make several dinosaur commissions for my personal project, I was blown away with the amount of detail and accuracy :)

The first Commission of the spino was using references to my out of date model
Outdated Top View
Outdated Side View

Updated on the Latest Scientific Findings of the Spinosaurus

Personal Side Note 
I still don't support, or believe the Spinosaurus knuckle walking theory 

Prehistoric Preserve Enclosure Sign Creation Time-lapse (Normal's | Textures) 

This is my time-lapse video on how i created my normal's and textures for this hard surface model.

I had to redo the normal's and texturing for the Enclosure Sign since i lost the original files, this meant if i wanted to change the normal's in NDO2 i couldn't. So for a day i redid everything and also done the decay stages at the same time as well :)

Please Note:
I'm using royalty free dubstep music and doesn't belong to me in anyway share or form and is only used for entertainment purposes on the time-lapse video. I take no credit for the music as it's owned by their respected owners

Track List

Artist: Anima  
Album: Convalescence
01 Overlooking_Eternity
05 Convalescence_II_Love_Again
04 You_Are_Truth

Royalty Free Dubstep…

I recently changed my workflow and in doing so i' am excited to show you this, I have spent the past week retexturing and fixing up the Low Security Fence and added a decay system showing the player its durability. Please note that this is still work in progress and may change

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